How to add money in Paymaya using credit card
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How to Add Money in Paymaya Using Credit Card

Among the top e-wallets here in the Philippines, Paymaya stood on the top bracket. I personally use this e-wallet for buying load, paying bills, and sending money. I also use other e-wallets like and GCash but Paymaya is the only one that lets you easily cash in using a credit card. I already tried it many times. And today, I’ll walk you through the steps on how to add money in Paymaya using credit card.

I know you’re wondering why of all the cash in methods in Paymaya, I am particularly highlighting cashing in using a credit card.

While your credit card allows you to purchase goods, pay online subscriptions, and pay bills, it is only limited to merchants who accept credit card payments.

If you want to use your credit card for other purposes, using online wallets like Paymaya would be a wise option.

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But before that, you still need to upgrade or verify your identity on your Paymaya app. If you are already verified, just skip this one. If not, just follow the steps below:

How to verify my Paymaya account?

  1. Go to your Paymaya dashboard.

  2. Click Upgrade my Account.

  3. Complete your personal info.

  4. Prepare your valid ID and take a photo of it using the app. Note that there is no option to upload a photo of your ID. You can only take a photo of it through the app itself.

  5. Record a selfie video. Again, you can only record it in real-time through the app itself.

  6. Submit your application and wait for at most 48 hours to have your account verified.

Here’s what you’ll see on the app:

How to Add Money in Paymaya Using Credit Card

  1. Log-in to your Paymaya app. 

  2. From the home page tab, tap Add money

  3. From the options available on tab, click DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD

  4. Select New Card if you have not yet saved any card. 

  5. Since you cannot input the amount, you have to choose among the pre-determined value and fill up the required information for Card details. 

  6. Submit

  7. Depending on your Bank, you will be required an OTP or One-Time PIN. You will receive OTP via text message on your registered phone number. Once done, tap PROCEED. 

  8. You will be notified through SMS that your account will be credited. You can also check via Paymaya’s activity logs.

How to Add Money in Paymaya Using Credit Card

Accepted Cards

💳 Mastercard



What details are needed for credit card payment?

Card Number- 16 digit number on your Debit/Credit Card

Card Validity- in format of Month/Year

CVV or Card Verification Value – it provides proof to an online merchant that you actually have the Physical card

Here are some screenshots of the whole process. I personally used the Metrobank MFree credit card for this one.

Advantages of Cashing-in Paymaya using Credit Card

  • FREE TRANSACTION FEE(CC TO PAYMAYA). Paymaya does not charge transaction fees for Cashing-in using Credit Card. 

UPDATE: As of June 2020, Paymaya has added a PHP 30 CONVENIENCE FEE for every Add Money via Credit/Debit Card transaction.

Compared to Credit Card Cash Advance ATM withdrawals which may charge certain fees (transaction fees and cash advance fees), cashing in Paymaya is way better since its fee is FREE.

  • Instant Cash-in or Real-time transfer of funds from credit card to PayMaya Wallet. 

  • Can be withdrawn in BancNet ATMs.

  • You can use the fund for any transaction the Paymaya app has (buy load, pay bills, transfer funds, cashout fund, etc.)

  • You can link or unlink your card details to your Paymaya Wallet. 

Disadvantages of Cashing-in Paymaya using Credit Card

  • Some credit cards charge Cash advance fee, most likely 2-5% of the cash advance amount or 500 Php, whichever is higher. Failure to pay off the entire cash advance amount will incur late payment fees and will charge interest. 

This is one main reason why Cashing in thru Credit Card is can be very costly. Compared to Debit Cards, the Credit Card cash in option comes in the form of Cash Advance and the downside is that cash advance fee is automatically credited to your account.

It will start incurring and accumulating charges immediately starting from the time of your transaction.

  • There’s no option to input an amount to cash-in. You need to select among the predetermined amounts from ₱ 500 to ₱ 10,000.

  • You might experience failure in Cashing in using Credit Cards, you will have to try for the next hour or the next day. In my case, I experienced failure in Card authentication. 
How to add money in paymaya using credit card?

List of Credit Cards with NO Cash Advance Fee for Paymaya Cash-in

💳 MetroBank 

💳 UnionBank

💳 BPI Mastercard 

💳 BDO Mastercard

💳 Citibank


💳 Security Bank

💳 EastWest

List of Credit Cards who CHARGE Transaction Fees for Paymaya Cash In

💳 BDO Visa (tagged as Cash Advance) 

💳 CBC or ChinaBank ( tagged as Quasi Transaction) 

💳 RCBC (charges 1% of the amount drawn treated as Quasi-cash transaction) 

💳 HSBC (tagged as Cash Advance, 3% of the amount drawn or 500 Php, whichever is higher) 

Paymaya Add Money Using Credit Card failed

Common reasons why failure might occur the transaction:

  • Credit Card may be linked to another Paymaya Account. 

  • Your Card may not be allowed by your issuing bank transactions. 

  • Card has expired. 

  • Card must have insufficient credits. 

  • You have entered incorrect card details (card number, validity date, CVV number)

  • You have entered incorrect One-Time Pin

  • 3D Secure payment authorization failed. 

If you have encountered trouble Cashing in Paymaya using your Credit Cards, and have reasons which do not fall from the above listed, you may do the following:

  • Check if the Internet is stable. 

  • Try again for another hour or couple of hours. Like what I’ve said, if you experienced failure in adding money, you may wait for another couple of hours to try again.

    Successful transactions after submission will notify you through SMS containing OTP or One-Time PIN. This is issued by your Bank issuers to make Secured financial transactions. After the successful transaction, you will instantly receive the money in your Paymaya Wallet. 

  • Contact bank issuer/card provider to check the issue. It may be that the failure is not on Paymaya’s system but on the issuing bank. 

  • If the failure is caused by Paymaya’s system downtime, you can contact Paymaya’s tech support. 

How to contact Paymaya

To know more, you can visit to see their frequently asked questions:

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    • Roberto Velasco

      Kung wala po ba sa list ng mga credit cards na nailagay niyo who charge transaction fees ay wala po ba talagang charges? For Citibank and Metrobank wala po ba? Worried lang ako baka hindi niyo lang po nailagay yung iba dahil sa hindi niyo po natry pa? Confirm ko lang po sana ito. Salamat! 😊

      • Pinay Teenvestor

        Hi Robert, if hindi na include sa list not so sure if wala talaga. Yung nasa list lang yung confirmed. I am using Citi Simplicity from Citibank and MFree from Metrobank. Tried Metrobank payroll account din. So far wala naman fees.

        • PJ

          Hi. Nakapag try na po ba ulit kayo mag add money using credit card? Hindi na po ba pwede yung Mastercard at Visa? Kasi nag try po ako using Citi Simplicity at Metrobank MFree and nag error po. May nagpprompt na “You can still use your JCB card…”

          • Sheila

            Hi PJ,

            I think last ako nagcashin nung last week ng June and ok pa naman. But yeah tinry ko ngayon and unfortunately, same message yung nag prompt on my end. Maybe dinisallow muna nila yung Mastercard and Visa since wala pa namang official announcement from their end.

  • Angel

    This was super helpful thank you.
    I tried adding money via my BDO Mastercard and it shows a convenience fee of 30 pesos.

    • Sheila

      Hi Angel! Good to hear that 🙂

      Yes, Paymaya just added a convenience fee of 30 pesos per debit/credit cashin transaction lately. Still, most of the credit cards I mentioned are not imposing cash advance fees.

    • ESA

      I have been using their add money for a year now. Usually mastercards ang gamit ko. Pero ngayon Visa Cards and JCB na lang ang allowed sa pagadd money 😔 Kahapon lang ata yun. Kasi nung isang araw nakapagadd money pa ko.

  • Jerold

    Really helpful! Maybe update the part wherein it says that Paymaya does not charge add money using credit card part? Just for those who are not reading the comments :p

    Thanks for this!

      • Giro

        Hi! This is helpful by the way i want to ask if you cash in via Paymaya how will I pay the amount? Is it okay if in installments or I have to pay in full amount? Thank you

        • Sheila

          Hi Giro,

          Your CC will account your paymaya cashin as a normal purchase so it really depends if you pay it in full once your SOA arrives. Yes, you can also pay it in installments but you can only do that with your CC provider.



    Malaking tulong po itong info mam. Meron lang po sana ako tanong kasi meron na ko upgraded acct, sa Pay Maya gagamitin ko sana sa pag enroll sa mga anak ko para sa on line school nila. Meron na po ba kayo nalalaman sa mga naka pag add money using credit card? Ta tanong ko lang po sana kung OK po ba at kung hinde po ba nagkaroon ng issue lalo na ibibigay mo sa kanila yung 3 digit CCV # ng credit card? kahit pa meron OTP na ibibigay sa text na matatanggap po?

    • Sheila

      Hi Paulo, so far ok naman sakin. But I really recommend na i delete mo yung card details sa Paymaya app after mo magcashin successfully. Wag ka mag iiwan ng card details sa app kasi delikado once may security issues in the future.

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